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Kareena kapoor Before and after

Kareena kapoor's Seceret

Time: 8 months

Regime: Hot yoga, Pilates, cardio and a wholesome, healthy diet

Mission philosophy: To get rid of her flabby arms and to look fit, not pencil-thin

Dietician Speak: The expert Kareena turned to for a trimmer look was her dietician since January 2007, Rujuta Diwekar. “Kareena’s only brief to me was that she should look thin but not anorexic,” says Diwekar, who has a PhD in industrial chemistry and a PG in sports science and nutrition. “She told me that I could put her on the strictest diet but it shouldn’t affect her skin. She didn’t want to look washed out. You can see that even after she has lost seven kilos her skin looks radiant. Since she already had a yoga instructor, Pooja from Bharat Thakur’s group, I was asked to focus on giving her a balanced diet.” Just for the record, Kareena’s hot yoga weight-loss technique is quite famous. It involves practicing yoga with windows shut and fans and airconditioners switched off. The idea is to sweat it out like a good workout session. “While preparing her diet, I do take care of her likes and dislikes. She needs six- seven wholesome meals throughout the day. The diet is changed according to her body requirements and the place she’s shooting in. For example, during the shooting of Tashan in Ladakh, I included thukpas and steamed momos in her meals. A diet has to be practical; she can’t be running around looking for brown rice in Ladakh. When she was shooting in Jaisalmer, I made sure she ate poha and upma. Since Jaisalmer is very hot and one tends to sweat a lot, so I gave her lots of electrolyte with extra potassium to balance the water loss. The brief for Kareena is simple: eat many times but have small meals. And of course keep exercising and doing hot yoga,” says Diwekar.

Daily Diet: Breakfast options include upma, poha, parantha (without oil) and milk and muesli. In the afternoon, she snacks on a brown bread sandwich. Lunch is roti, sabji and dal (without oil). An evening snack is either upma or idli. Dinner is again roti, sabji, dal or soup.

Indulgence: Every 10-12 days, Kareena binges on her favourite Chinese cuisine.

Kareena Speak: For Tashan, where I’ve to look my glamourous best and also do a lot of stunts, I needed to lose weight. I’m following a healthy diet and a regular workout regime. And I’m feeling great.

Month 3

Tighten and tone

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Slim down quick

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