Sunday, March 1, 2009

How to Eat Out Healthfully

Step1:Request omelettes and scrambled eggs prepared from egg substitutes or egg whites only.
Step2:Avoid high-fat meats such as bacon and sausage. Eat lean ham or Canadian bacon instead.
Step3:Be careful in your consumption of dairy products. Try low-fat or nonfat yogurt, low-fat cottage cheese, and skim milk with your cereals.
Step4:Drink fruit juices instead of coffee.
Step5:Watch the spreads that you eat. Try an English muffin, toast or a bagel with jam or margarine instead of butter.
Step6:Eat plenty of fresh fruits, either alone or with a waffle.
Step7:Consider ordering hot cereals such as oatmeal, cream of wheat or cream of rice - or eat whole-grain cold cereals.
Lunch and Dinner

Step1:Look for steamed, broiled, baked, grilled, poached or roasted dishes.
Step2:Avoid high-fat foods such as fried, basted, braised, au gratin, escalloped, sautéed, stewed or stuffed dishes, as well as creamy and buttery foods.
Step3:Avoid foods high in salt or MSG, as well as gravy and sauces. If you plan to eat salad dressings and sauces, ask for them on the side.
Step4:Trim fat off meat and skin off poultry.
Step5:Try fruit, ices, sherbet or nonfat frozen yogurt for dessert.
Happy eating :)

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